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Brigit - Goddess of Healing Fire Poetry & Forge

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  • Model: MI-BRIGST


Brigit Statue
The Mythic Images Collection by Oberon Zell

Product Details:
Height: 7.25"
Stone finish resin

Historical Description by the Artist:
Brigit (Brigid, Brid, Brighit) was the ancient Celtic Sun Goddess. Her worship ranged from Europe to Ireland and Her names were an infinite variation: Bridget, Bride, Brigantia, etc. She was an extremely ubiquitous goddess and She ruled over many important spheres of human endeavor. As goddess of fire, She ruled over both the hearth and the forge. She was a goddess of domestic arts such as housekeeping, weaving, broom-making, bread baking, marriage, and childbirth.

As the Lady of the Forge, She was primarily a goldsmith, but Her industrial arts made Her a favorite of blacksmiths' wives, craftswomen, merchants, and factory women. She ruled the powers of inspiration as well, so Her influence was over the Arts as well as Crafts. She inspired poets, writers, and musicians; and She was especially the Patroness of Bardcraft as well as Smithcraft.

Brigit was a healer as well as midwife, and She controlled the powers of Water as well as the powers of Fire. Her sacred wells and springs bore Her dedication in the form of bright ribbons hung on nearby trees and bushes.

The Goddess Brigit became Christianized as St Brigid, and Her worship went from temples and groves to abbeys and monasteries without a great deal of change. In this piece, sculpted by Oberon Zell and created in a stone finish, she is seen in a very ancient style.